Monday, April 14, 2014

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Here are a few of our engagements that my sister Karlee did up on our mountain property .
The pictures turned out great, it was a bit of a rough day getting everyone in outfits and where we needed to be, but totally worth it with these photos as the outcome! 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Wedding Prep

I am a bit late on sharing my wedding planning and wedding story. However, since Seth and I are the only ones who look at my blog I assume its no big deal :) This post is about all the pre wedding stuff. Which as fun as it was, I do not want to plan my own wedding ever again! Once was enough, luckily I found my one true love so I wont need to do it again. 

Here are some of the serious, and not so serious dress options I tried on while searching for the perfect one! This is the one I thought was the one, until I tried on the real ONE! and priced roughly $2,000 I didnt give up my search after this one.... 

This is not so serious..... but hey you gotta try them all.

This was my second, almost the one dress.... however, with it being one of the most expensive dresses in the store, and needing some alterations done, I kept up my search.

Wedding Registry. What. a. nightmare. Who freakin knew all the crap you had to register for! Seths favorite was all the camping stuff at walmart. Gotta watch him close, I lost him for .2 seconds and we ended up with disco balls and bb guns on our registry :) 

We got 3 of the same crock pots that we didnt even register for :) I got black listed at walmart for returning to many things with out a receipt :) oopise 

Wedding hair trial run.....

Seth thankfully didnt cut a mullet.... 

The stuffing announcements party. Some how we con'd the Julian girls to come down and help. Turned out to be a fun afternoon and getting them all stuffed in one day! 

My favorite part was the three apps I downloaded to countdown to my wedding day! I would screen shot a photo daily to send to Seth. I think he secretly was glad when the wedding was over so he didn't have to receive my countdown messages :) 

Larson Bridal shower. Leslie, Jan, and KJ did a great job! Thanks for the wonderful party!!!

The Gardner Shower. These people are the best family I could have asked for! Still can get over how much fun it was! Thank you Gardners! 

I have so many people that love me, that I got to have THREE bridal showers! Can you believe it! Pat Western threw me the MOST classiest western shower you could imagine! It was perfect! 

Seths one wedding to do was the popcorn bar.... and boy did he stress me out by waiting till the very last second. I learned three things about my husband after this project. #1. He will come through. #2. He is as handy as they come! (bring on more projects!) #3. Give him a deadline earlier than you want it :) 

Bachelor Party! This is not your typical party... when you turn up short on girl friends, you brother and fiance will have to do! Seth and I picked Josh up from Las Vegas when he flew in for the wedding. We made a party out of it, cause every girl needs a party! I even walked away ahead when I cashed out! woot woot! 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Fun

Summer means lunch dates: Pasta Factory with my favorite little men! 

Summer means RODEOS, Seth and I at Cedar Summer Games rodeo.

Summer means Canning apricots, my favorite jam and my favorite time of year! 

Summer means Cabin time! Seth getting a lot of attention from the dogs at the cabin.

Summer means Sleeping in!